We provide all necessary dental services for your family. Simple, direct fillings are provided using bonded composite resins. These bonded white resin fillings are strong, and technologically much better than the early white restorations 20 years ago. Also, because they are bonded, we can be more conservative when we prepare your tooth for the filling so you retain more of your natural, healthy tooth. We take care, placing these restorations under a rubber dam, to ensure their longevity and strength. An added bonus is they are tooth coloured so they are a beautiful choice that blends in well with your other teeth.

Dr. Dzajkovski does however in some instances still advise the use of amalgam (silver) fillings at our office for multiple reasons. Affordability, multiple recurrent decay, and location. Some individuals cannot afford ideal dentistry due to costs (eg. crowns onlays) and he will not ethically place a restoration without giving its probability for success.


Current research on the use of dental amalgam supports that amalgam continues to demonstrate clear advantages in many applications over other restorative materials, especially in relation to the average duration of restorations.
They are particular well suited for young children for

  • a) there ease of placement
  • b) longevity
  • c) cost
  • d) rampent caries
Are Dental Amalgams Toxic to Children? - Download PDF Canadian Dental Association debate and opinion

Ultimately, it is the patients choice after being well informed.

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