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New Technology

Digital X-Ray

Digital x-rays provide improved comfort of mouth x-rays and less cranial exposure to radiation. With digital x-rays, patients can have around 70% less exposure to radiation than conventional x-rays. Digital x-rays also produce larger and clearer photos to better source hard-to-see cavities and the images can be easily stored on a computer and transferred to different dentists or orthodontists for referrals. Digital x-rays are also more environmentally friendly in the long run.

Panoramic X-Ray

With panoramic x-rays, your dentist can easily look for problems such as bone abnormalities and fractures, cysts, impacted teeth, infections, and tumours. It’s a much faster and simpler process than traditional x-rays. Also, the panoramic technique requires fewer steps compared to traditional dental x-rays, creating a more convenient and comfortable procedure for the patient.

TV on ceiling to watch during treatment

Televisions are situated on the ceiling at Crossing Bridge Family Dentistryso that when the dentist leans his patients back in the chair, they are able to watch a featured show or movie. This serves as a distraction from the fact that you are in the dentist office and has served to alleviate tensions associated with dental visits for a lot of anxious patients, especially children.


The CariVu is a compact, portable caries detection device that uses unique, patented transillumination technology and allows for detection of a range of carious lesions (occlusal, interproximal, secondary/recurrent) and cracks. It helps in the identification of tooth decay when used with clinical and radiographic examinations. The CariVu is the latest generation of transillumination technology and is a brilliant new way to discover caries and cracks.

Endodontic Treatment

Root canal therapy has gone high-tech recently, making the procedure as easy as possible for both patients and dentists! The new, minimally invasive procedure dramatically increases the disinfection of the entire root canal system. It, therefore, improves the success of the procedure and the comfort for the patients. With modern dental instruments and advanced techniques, dentists have more resources than ever to complete successful root canals, and patients can have the procedure done in just one visit - virtually pain-free!

Laser Caries Detection

Please click here to find more about Laser caries detection.

Minimal Sedation Offered

Wouldn't you rather relax and drift off to sleep for your next dental appointment? We offer sedation that provides a calming effect for the duration of your appointment. If fact, many patients have little memory of the dental procedure. Dr. Dzajkovski is one of a handful of dentists in the Ottawa area who are trained and certified to provide laughing gas and oral sedation. We've sedated over a thousand patients and they tell us they love it.

Sedation is the most comfortable way to get all of your dentistry done in one appointment. You can choose sedation for all of the services we offer including wisdom tooth extraction, implant and cosmetic dentistry, root canal.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Sometimes people want to have their bite changed to allow for jaw joint comfort, to compensate for years of tooth wear or to provide cosmetic enhancement. When your needs are extensive and address both functional and cosmetic concerns, you can schedule a consultation with us to discuss your options to re-build your mouth. He will help you develop a plan to meet your needs.

Dr. Dzajkovski has felt it is important to be well skilled in all areas of Dentistry to give his patients an experienced opinion as to the pros and cons of his patient's treatment desires. His eighteen years of training allows his patients who require major work to have most treatment completed in office in fewer visits and therefore minimize healing and multiple traumatic episodes and time away from work.

Say goodbye to gagging impressions!

iTero Intraoral Scanner

We are excited to offer the iTero intraoral scanner to make it easier for our patients to see the concerns within the smile that we see. After a quick scan we can immediately show you the perfect 3D rendering of your teeth, complete with full-colour images for pointing out tooth decay and discoloration—both of which wouldn't show up in a mould. This is great for showing patients the concerns we have with their smiles and to use as a platform for discussing future treatment options.

Patients love the ability to see what we see and visualize their smile from our perspective. The iTero's 3D display also gives us a tremendous amount of freedom. We can spin, pinch, zoom, and process images right in front of you, making it easy to focus on even the smallest and most isolated problem areas. The iTero scans can be loaded into programs that allow us to actually show you the results of dental and orthodontic treatments such as crowns, bridges, implants, and Invisalign braces.